Sunday, December 7, 2008

License to play - more on web 2.0 technologies

Welcome to ACL's web 2.0 license to play program designed by Jayne Gutry, professional development adviser for ACL staff only.

Listed below are 12 things (or small exercises) for you to explore and expand your knowledge of Web 2.0 tools freely available on the Internet. Click on the links under each thing, to find out about the discovery exercises for you to do.

Week 1: Introduction

  1. Read about this program to get an overview.

  2. Read instructions to set up your own blog - or you may wish to use one that you already have.

  3. Register your blog with the administrator so we can track and provide feedback on your progress.

    Week 2: Genealogy

  4. Sign up to the genealogy sites and choose one to create your own family tree.

    Week 3: Books and authors

  5. Take a look at Litlovers, an online community dedicated to books and book clubs

  6. Visit Authors on the web and at least one other discovery resource.

  7. Set up a free account with Bookjetty and catalogue at least five books.

    Week 4: Getting creative

  8. Visit Animoto where you can make your own professional video clips.

  9. Create your own animation with Go Animate and embed it in your blog.

    Week 5 - Socialising

  10. Take a look at the social sites that have links on the ACL website and join up to at least one.

  11. Complete the online survey.

  12. Summarise your thoughts for the final post on your blog.

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